Ready to go!


It's officially done & ready to go off to it's new home! YAY! As glad as I am to be done with this painting I got so used to seeing this guy in my studio everyday! I forgot to post this earlier but the official dimensions are: 30 x 42 inches and is done in oils on stretched canvas.


Elephant Progression

I've been busy trying to get this painting off and running the last couple weeks so I decided to post a few progression shots of how this elephant is S L O W L Y evolving into it's own. When I  started this project I initially planned on keeping a palate with only cool tones and some neutrals....but I cracked and threw some pinks & yellows in (note to self it's hard to say no to color) 


In the works


My newest and latest painting I'm starting is going to be of one of my favorite animals, an ELEPHANT. I've done a few different variations of elephant artwork over the last year or so (that can be seen in some of the works I have completed). From a flat graphic interpretation, a bright patterned display and watercolor with pen variation, it's a subject that continues to evolve in my work. For this newest and latest custom piece, I have recently sketched out a rough outline. This elephant is going to be on a 30 x42 inch stretched canvas and will be done in oils. I'm planning on taking a realistic approach regarding the elephant's face and anatomy but adding in some slightly unusual colors for the skin, ears and trunk. Stay tuned for progression :) 

in front of the outlined sketch

in front of the outlined sketch

excited to get some real paint down. 

excited to get some real paint down. 


Cat Commission


 I've been getting more requests for animals as of lately, including some pets! I'm a huge animal lover & I always admire how much people care for and adore their own animals, so it's fun when a client wants something specially done. The last commission I just finished up was a square painting (36 x 36 in.) of three different cats. Because cats can be a little tricky to photograph (especially when I'm trying to get all three kitties to look at me at once) I decided to reference separate photographs for each cat. The clients I were working with had a very specific image of how they wanted the three cat heads fading into each other and the background- it's great when there's a clear "picture" of what somebody wants out of a painting :) 

Here's the three photographs I used for the painting along with the final result! meow.